Our Offer

Neuropharmatest scientists can design for you the best set of experiments directed to provide you with a solid evidence of the action of your experimental treatment on the central nervous system of control animals and on animal models of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

We can perform a complete set of analyses or apply only selected tests “à la carte”. 

Our analyses can be applied to different species of animals. We can use commercial animals, generate them in our animal facility or work with animals generated by the client. We apply pharmacological treatments using commercial drugs or drugs provided by the client. We have experience in different routes of administration and we can use different doses, treatment durations…etc.

We generate and evaluate different animal models of psychiatric and neurological disorders. These models can be subjected to pharmacological treatments and subsequently evaluated. * Fast and reliable results and a competitive price.

Our Platform

Neuropharmatest is a platform  developed by the Neurobiology Unit of the University of València, a research group devoted to the study of neuronal plasticity since  1996.  

After working more than fifteen years in the field, we have developed a comprehensive battery of tests directed to evaluate several parameters indicative of neural plasticity in the brain of adult mammals. 

We offer our services pharmaceutical companies and to research laboratories interested in evaluating at the preclinical level the efficacy of drugs and other treatments on neurochemical, structural and behavioral parameters.

We have experience in applying this battery of tests for the study of the action of antidepressants, antipsychotics and other drugs with an important impact on the CNS. We have also ample experience in applying these tests on different animal models of psychiatric and neurological disorders and in animal models of metabolic diseases (see Disease models).