Neuropharmatest performs a high variety of histology services. These services include all the procedures of tissue  extraction, cutting and fixation, different kinds of staining and finally the best data analysis by experimented researchers.

Brain processing

The animal perfusion or the fresh tissue extraction by our experimented staff is one of the critical steps for the correct tissue analysis. In the case of perfusion we can do whole animal or only brain perfusions with a high range of fixatives depending on the requirements. After that, our technical staff will conduct the microtome cuts under frozen or embedding conditions in several microtomes depending on the needs. For the fresh tissue extraction, a concrete area or region of the brain can be separated from the rest of the organ (we have large experience in micro-dissect even very small brain areas) and adequately processed for the subsequent use.



The expertise in our laboratory in this technique is widely demonstrated by a high number of scientific publications. The immunohistochemistry allows counts, densitometries, stereological analysis, analysis of dendrite branching and spines or others structures in fixed tissue. We can also analyze neuronal and glial activity via immunohistochemical detection of the expression of cell activity markers, such as c-Fos, Arc or zif268. Neuropharmatest has developed numerous and specific varieties of immunostainings in brain processed tissue. In addition, Neuropharmatest’s scientists can interpret the results of the analysis by means of a solid battery of statistical tests.

Electron microscopy

Several variants of the electron microscopy use are offered by Neuropharmatest. Our laboratories can process the brain tissue from the animal to the electron microscope, applying different techniques to obtain the best results. Processing for both scanning and transmission electron microscopy can be performed for our customers, in order to study the thickness of neuronal components, particle distribution or location in the cell, the morphology of selected structures and many other applications. As in other fields of research, Neuromov has proven experience in the processing and analysis of neuronal tissue by electron microscopy.


Common stainings


Nissl, Giemsa, Hematoxylin & Eosin,  Alzian Blue, Congo Red,

Alizarin Red, Luxol Fast Blue, Cresyl Violet, Safranin, Toluidine blue, von Kossa …

X-Gal detection

NADPH diaphorase detection

Timm staining

Others under demand

Immunohistochemical techniques




BrdU staining in cell proliferation/survival

Multiple immunofluoresce

TUNEL staining

Any other under request