At Neuropharmatest, we offer a wide range of molecular tools designed to analyze changes in the expression of molecules related to neuronal plasticity and synaptic transmission in a specific region of the brain (we have large experience in micro-dissect even very small brain areas) using qRT-PCR, Western-blot, ELISA, in situ hybridization and RNA or DNA arrays.




With this technique you can evaluate the comparative expression of the genes you are interested in, distinguishing between isoforms or alternative splicing. Furthermore, you are able to study other transcribed molecules such as miRNAs. To provide more accurate quantification, the scientists of our lab select the best housekeeping gene or the best combination of genes for each studied condition, tissue or animal.

Western blot

By means of this protein detection-technique you can measure the amount of protein expressed in a concrete region of the brain in a determined animal model or under a pharmacological treatment. To further information about available antibodies for western-blot, see primary antibody list..

In situ hybridization

RNA or DNA in situ hybridization labels the cells expressing or carrying the nucleic molecule of interest. Combining this technique with immunohistochemistry you can evaluate what kind of neuron is carrying your transcript or transgene, or expressing the target genes.


Another way to measure protein expression level (with antibodies) under a concrete condition is the method of ELISA, more specific and accurate than Western blot, but not always commercially available.

RNA/DNA array

With the expression array, you can find the pathways and genes over or under-expressed in a brain region of the animal model under the pharmacological or pathological conditions.

Primer sets available for qRT-PCR

Inhibitory neurotransmission: GAD67, GAD65, parvalbumin, calretinin, calbindin, V- GAT, GABA receptors.

Neural & synaptic Plasticity : Polysialyltransferases, NCAM, synaptophysin.

Excitatory neurotransmission: NMDA receptor, V-Glut, CaMKII

AxonGuidance: Semaphorins, Plexins

Monoaminergic neurotransmission: Serotonin and Dopamine receptors